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My Chemeketa Experience



I am changing careers and attending college for the first time. I will be using my decade plus of retail experience to anchor the next phase in my life as I utilize my natural creativity and expand my technical abilities.

The Plan

I decided to pursue the Visual Communications program at Chemeketa and I will apply for entry in the Fall term of 2020. I have eased myself into school life and tried to set myself up for success by making smart choices in class scheduling. I gave myself room to breathe and time to complete my school work to the best of my ability and still have quality time to spend with my family. 


Currently completed:

  • CIS 101

  • PSY 104

  • ART 115

  • ART 131

  • WR 121

  • ART 116

  • COMM 111

  • MTH 095

  • FE 280B1

Currently Enrolled:

  • ART 234

  • ART 265

  • COMM 112

* Current GPA 4.0 as of  05/09/2020

To view my artwork from my Chemeketa classes CLICK BELOW
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